Reportage – Norwich

26 Jul

Here are various drawings of Norwich, experimenting with different drawing techniques and media. A great warm-up exercise to drawing anything slightly daunting is to try out ‘conscious reflex drawing’, in other words, drawing without looking at the paper. That’s right, not even once. No cheaty. The idea is that you concentrate more on the shapes and textures of what you are drawing, rather than worrying about how good or accurate your drawing looks. I did a tiny experiment where I drew the same thing 4 times over, without looking at the paper, to see if it would improve; here are the results:








4What I love most about doing these type of drawings is, is that it’s always different, and exciting to see how each one will turn out. Overall though, this was my best result:


Mixed media

The following images were not my favourite from the project, but they seemed to be the favourite out of all my work from an exhibition that I was involved in. These were created in a university workshop where I had two days to create a book with 12 pages. I haven’t included all of the, but these in my opinion, were the best of the lot. They are a mixture of photographs and my own drawing; using pastels, pen, ect.

The Norwich Assembly House

assembly house

The Castle Mall

castle mall

The Cathedral




The Market


Timber Hill

timber hill


Drawing buildings was not in my level of normal comfort I am used too, so I experimented with many different ways of drawings buildings as much as possible, here are a few of my favourite examples:

church brownjarroldsnorwich bus stationmillenium pencil

castle mall water colour

norwich bush brown


Drawing these statues I felt was a big eureka moment for me; I loved the style of how I drew them. I think I have a slight obsession with pastels and ink.

single lioncan't remember what this is calledman looking downangel like statuecupidy statuefacebook coverFinal pieces

For my final pieces of this reportage project, I brought all of the different elements together into one paper-city image.

image 2image 3

image 4image 6image 7

image 1


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