Jack and the Beanstalk

21 Jul

The following set of images were from my first year at University. The project brief was to create a flat pack theatre from a selection of existing stories, and I chose Jack and the Beanstalk. This was the first time I had worked 3D in this form and it made me realise how much I enjoy collage. I learned so much from this project, mainly how much I love to change a character and interpret a story in my own way. The most successful part of this project were my character designs, but I feel like there is something within what I have done here and I will definitely bring it further and maybe create it into a book and definitely exaggerate the eerieness of the characters and surroundings. Jack is a character that suffers from multiple personalities, one side being innocent and paranoid, the other being the devil tempting him, or rather telling him, to do the things that his paranoia holds him back from.  I realised from this project that I also enjoy creating textures, mainly with pastels, and I think its important as an artist to quickly realise your own development and unique style, so that it can keep on growing and changing. Hope you enjoy.


There was once a boy called Jack. I guess you could say Jack was not like normal boys. He had two sides to him, two heads even, which would cause him to end up arguing with himself. One side was not the adventurous type; scared of almost everything, he would rather stay safe indoors assured nothing would harm him.  The other side had a very cocky attitude, nothing could phase him. This would inevitably lead them to argue endlessly. To avoid confusion we’ll name one Jack 1 and Jack 2. He lived with his mother and they lived in a small house far away from any large city. They were a poor family. Their most valuable possession is their cow. But one day the cow suddenly stopped producing milk.

Mother – “Jack, take the cow to the market, make sure you sell her for a good price”

Jack 1- “Alone? I hate walking through the woods”

Mother- “You’ll be fine, I’m busy doing work and we really need the money”


So Jack left with the cow to sell him at the Market. He hated walking through the woods in the dark. It always seemed dark. He felt as though he was constantly being stared at. A Strange Man was standing in the distance. Jack 1 one felt a bit nervous as he walked towards him.

Strange Man- “I’ll buy that cow for a good price. I have 5 magical beans. When you grow them they will be worth much more than any money you could ever earn in your life time”

Jack 1- “Erm, I’m not sure, my Mother will not be happy if I don’t return without any money. How can I trust them?”

Jack 2- “Oh come on, you heard what he said? And plus, I can’t be bothered to stroll all the way to the Market, let’s make the trade and go”


Jack decided to trade the beans for the cow. A face came closer to Jack and presented the beans with his mouth. He took the beans and left.


Mother- ” You’re back quick?”

Jack 1- “I… I traded the cow for these beans. The man said that when they grow we can earn more money than we could possibly imagine…”

The Mother screamed in anger.

Mother- “I told you to come back with enough money for us to live! What are we going to do now?”

Jack 2- “Didn’t you listen? These beans will make us rich.”

Mother- “Shut up you stupid little boy, go to bed now, without dinner.”


Over night the beans grew faster than the eye could see.  Reaching into somewhere of the unknown.

The next morning Jack woke up and peered out of the window. Before his eyes stood the ginormous beanstalk.  Jack was stunned.

Jack 2- “Ha, see I told you those beans would be good.”

Jack gulped.

They stood looking up at the looming beanstalk. It was nothing Jack had ever seen before.

Jack 2- “I wonder where it leads too. We should climb it and find out. I bet there’s treasure up there.”

Jack 1- “Are you sure? We don’t know what’s up there. It could be dangerous”

Jack 2- “Don’t be a pussy. We’re going.”

So he climbed up the beanstalk and it felt as though the hands were pushing him up, as if to make sure he would not stop and change his mind. Ahead of them he saw a portal, which is where the beanstalk lead. He had no choice to go back now, he was sucked through before he could realise.


Before him stood a castle. It looked threatening with those eyes that stared straight at him wherever he went.

Jack 1- “Why are those eyes watching us?”

Jack 2- “I don’t care, let’s explore.”

As he explored Jack felt more and more like there was someone beyond those eyes watching him. But still he walked and entered the castle.


He found himself in an eerie room. As he looked at the strange collection of objects in the room he felt his back quiver and his hair stand on end. In the corner of the room was a goose.

Goose- “Hey kid, get me out of here and each egg I lay will earn you endless amounts of gold. I can’t escape from here by myself, I’m too slow.”


Before Jack could answer a little boy appeared.

Slave 731- “Hello, what’s your name? My name is slave 731. Can we play a game?”

Jack gulped. The boy’s voice sounded ghost-like and distant. It shook shivers down his spine. He knew it would be a good idea to take the goose. He couldn’t afford to lose out on such an opportunity. And he could prove his mother wrong.

Jack 1- “My… My name is Jack. Would you like to play hide and seek? You hide and I’ll seek.”

Slave 731- “Okay, but don’t you dare think about stealing that goose while I hide. He will not be pleased.”


Jack 2- “Yeah, sure. Now go hide and I’ll count to 100. 1… 2… 3…”

Jack carried on counting to 100 while the little boy went to hide. He crept over to the goose and picked it up under his other arm.

Goose – “Quick run! The boy can never leave this room. He’s cursed to stay in this room for eternity as the Giant’s slave.”

Slave 731- “Noooo, don’t go. Stay and play with me forever!”

The boy’s voice echoed throughout the whole castle.


The Giant entered the room.

Giant – ” Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum,

Whoever is here must be dumb,

Be he alive or be he dead,

I can assure there will be bloodshed.”


Jack heard the Giant’s voice booming from the castle. He quickly ran and climbed up the beanstalk. The hands forced him up faster and faster. Up ahead he saw the portal closing. Before he knew it he was sucked through and then he was gone.


Jack fell onto the floor with a hard thump. He looked up the beanstalk and saw that the portal had closed.

Goose – “Thanks a lot. That room was boring… And that boy really creeped me out.”

From then on the Goose laid eggs that earned Jack and his Mother more money than they could ever imagine. Jack would no longer experience the feeling of fear and paranoia, forever live in eternal riches, and be happy with the knowledge that he proved his Mother wrong. He still argues with himself though.



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